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OptionBe Hostel: the best option in Cordoba!

Situated on a street in the historic center of Córdoba, you will find our beautiful design hostel. OptionBe is a traditional house with a patio that we have recently transformed with a modern minimalist design in mind. In OptionBe hostel you will find comfortable rooms both private and shared, a fully equipped kitchen, and a fantastic rooftop terrace with a nice little pool to relax in.

OptionBe is the no 1 rated hostel in the Cordoba on Google and TripAdvisor.

It is recognised internationally as a leading design hostel and is featured in the recent book – 2019 Grand Design Hostels of the World, 2018 Luxury Hostels of Europe. It has received a HOSCAR from Hostelworld, awarded by travelers from all over the world. It is the only hostel with a pool in Córdoba.


OptionBe is the no 1 rated hostel in the Cordoba

The modern design, the rooftop, the prime location, its clean installations and its great energy make OptionBe a special place. Our family of friendly hosts, from the first minute you start planning your trip, are looking forward to helping you and show are lovely Córdoba!

OptionBe hostel is the newest option for accommodation in Cordoba that complements everything we offer with BedandBe Hostel (our sister property). We are 2 hostels but only one plan!  You can stay at one or the other and be involved with activities at either. All of activities are planned together which include: the walking tours in the morning, the family dinners on the terrace,  flamenco shows, tapas crawls  #everynightadifferentplan


Dorms and bathroom

We are a special hostel where you’ll feel comfortable in Córdoba city center. The majority of our guests are solo travelers who are looking to meet other travelers, make new friends, and share experiences. For this reason we stay at very reasonable prices and have designed our dorms with this in mind . We have dormitories for 4 and 8 people. All of the beds have very custom made comfortable mattresses, individual lights, and a security locker.

Sometimes one like to stay in a hostel and enjoy the experiences they offer. But sometimes one looks for somewhere more like intimate like a couple, a family with kids, or if you’d just like to share a room with just your friends! In OptionBe you can also book an ensuited private room just for you.

All of our dorms at OptionBe are fully ensuited with their own bathroom and shower.

They all have the essentials for a great stay: fresh white clean sheets and comfortable pillows. It’s one is those places that make you comfortable as if you were at home. All of the rooms has AC (hot/cold)  and all share the light and energy of the central courtyard and of the local streets.

A good taste, great temperature, amazing energy, and reliable WIFI!


The patio- kitchen, the social spaces

Cordoba is famous for its patios (internal courtyards) …. And ours is the best one and the most international!

Our central patio is the place meet tour team and other guests. It is where you’ll make great new friends, new travel buddies, and who else knows….This is where we’ll receive you with a cup of coffee/tea, a map, and the best recommendations of local spots. You’ll have a TV where you’ll be able to put on your favourite series, or a table that’s perfect to work on if you are one those  digital nomad that takes the office with them.

In our patio is our fully equipped kitchen with all electric appliances. It is always available for the guests. This is where the free breakfast is offered every morning. The idea is that every guest feels right at home, where you’ll be to use anything you might need at any time. Where you’ll be able to store all of your things in the cupboard or the fridge. This area is perfect to share gastronomic experiences with other travelers and the local hosts. It is a peaceful place that’s full of natural light with white walls, a well, and beautiful plants. It is the social hug of OptionBe and from which it transcends to all the rooms and the rooftop.


The terrace!

And at the top of the stairs, on the top floor, the favourite place for our travellers… Is our: our “terracita” !! Hidden among the roofs of the city’s old helm is the terrace that graces the fantastic climate of Cordoba which you can enjoy all year round. It’s the envy of the neighbourhood!

For all that follows us on social networks (@optionbehostel) you will see that it’s the place  most photographed. You can refresh yourself with a cold shower, enjoy drinking a beer or a fresh cocktail. You can video call your friends/family, read while you’re sunbathing, and engage in conversation with another solo traveler. From one of the corners of the terrace you can even see the tower of the mosque lit at night.

The OptionBe rooftop is a meeting place in the heights where anything can happen!

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Calle Leiva Aguilar, 1
14003 Córdoba
>> Ver en Google Maps

We have the best location in Córdoba historic center!  We are located on  Leiva Aguilar N 1,  just 5 minutes away from the famous Cathedral- Mosque! ,  La Judería and  the Alcazar.  It is a quiet narrow street very close to all of the major attractions in town and at the same time you will be in the center of Cordoba where the locals go about their daily lives and all their favourites  tapas bars and restaurants are located.

If you arrive by bus/train, both stations are together and its about a 20 minute walk to our hostel. It’s about 6 € by taxi (tell them to enter through Calle Barroso). It isn’t worth it to take a bus to the hostel because it doesn’t enter the historic center and only leaves you halfway. But if you prefer that option, there are various buses that leave from the station. It’ll leave you at Glorieta de la Media Luna or at Plaza de las Tendillas, from which it’ll be a 10 minute walk to the hostel.

If you are planning to come by car, we recommend for you to park in Calle Sevilla and then walk to our place which takes about 5 minuts. The parking will cost around 15€ a night however, if you prefer to park for free you would have to park outside of the city center or around the EuroStar Ppalace Hotel.

We will provide you with a video that we have prepared so you can see where we are located. Also you’ll see the easiest route you can take to arrive at the hostel.

Ver Vídeo


Contact us!

Our hours of reception are 8 am till midnight. But rest assured our hosts are available 25 hours a day. We always aim to reply as fast as possible to all emails, telephone calls, and they say we are the fastest around when it comes to responding on WhatsApp.

Of course whenever you need us, we’ll always be around! But during the night we try to catch some ZZZ’s so we can be well rested for our guests the next day, so we advise you that during some hours or responses might be delayed…sorry!

If you could let us know ahead time of what time you plan to arrive, we’ll be able to receive you like you deserve. As you know the check in time is from 2 pm until 11:59 pm. But no worries if you arrive earlier, you’ll be able to leave your luggage with us until your room is available. After midnight Reception will be closed and we can no longer do any check ins.

We are very active on social media (Instagram, Facebook). Follow us before you get here so we can get to know you! Plus you’ll be able to receive all of the latest updates and enjoy special discounts! Post your photo in our rooftop, our patio, or your favorite place in Córdoba and we’ll post it on our page!


Enjoy the city!

All of us (Jose, Borja, Juanjo, Alejandra, Andrea, Martina, Paz,…) love to help our travelers get the most out of their trip. We work with them to create a plan where they squeeze the most out of our city. You will get to discover it’s tricks and secrets while knowing that no two trips are identical. We’ll show you the essentials, the classics, as well as the more unknown hidden places.

We can organise you a great route  for tapas, wine/beer, as well as a nature and outdoor adventures. We will get to go through the lesser known neighbourhoods that are more  authentic. You deserve to relax with a bath and massage so we can book for you the best Arabs baths in town. Some of our staff like Borja are Flamenco experts so we will advice you the most authentic and spectacular shows.  Whatever you can think of, we’ll be here to help. Also we will be clear with things which we would not recommend to the worst of our enemies.

We are friends with other awesome hostels through Southern Spain that give special discounts to our guests. Just ask us and we will give you tips and the promotion codes!